Latest Gas Blender Video

How to Mix 3 Gases Dynamically with One Device

This video shows how you can reduce the number of gas mixing devices you need in order to mix non-aggressive gases by using the MCI gas blender.

You also will see an experimental set up of the gas blender hooked up to three gas inputs.

Finally you will see a list of some of the gas mixing applications that you can use a gas blender for.


Leading Research Labs Use the MCI Gas Blender


Here is how our Gas Blender is being used by major institutions:

Duke University Medical Center
Variety of gases and gas mixtures including

  1. 5% CO2/95% CN2,
  2. 100% O2, and
  3. 0% O2/ 5% CO2/ balance (75%) N2

Vanderbilt University
Control N2, O2, CO2 for an incubator

City College of New York
Physics Department
Use the Gas Blender series 100 to get a 4%/96% O2/N2 mixture.

Colorado State University
Department of Health and Exercise Science
Use Gas Blender for mixing O2 (18-0%), CO2 (5-9%), and Nitrogen to balance mixture for research experiments.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Testimonial: “The one MCQ blender I bought two years ago is working very well. I like the machine a lot.”

University of California, San Francisco
Flow the mixed gases into a small environmental chamber that will cover a special device for culturing cells, on the stage of an automated microscope.
Joint project with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Gas Blender Application Notes

Learn more about our unique Lab in a Box Gas Blenders from these gas mixing application notes.

News from MCI Gas Mixers

MSU to Use Gas Blender 100


MCI is proud to announce that Michigan State University laboratories will be using our Lab in a Box Gas Blender 100 to mix nitrogen gas and air for research studies.

Using the compact Gas Blender 100 for gas mixing will allow MSU researchers to reduce the number of mixing instruments needed for their gas mixing and control all their gas mixers on one PC with our free software.

More information about the Gas Blender 100