gm series

GM Series

The GM Series gas mixer consists of a mechanical precision flow control valve and float type flowmeter. The built-in constant flow unit provides precise gas flow control even at an extremely low flow rate. Design allows easy yet sure setting of desired flow rates without causing interference between different gas flows. Constant supply of the mixed gas is ensured even when the pressure level of the load gases connected to the system undergoes fluctuations. With its superior stability and repeatability, the GM Series gas mixer enjoys a good reputation and is highly acclaimed in various fields.


♦ Superior stability and repeatability
♦ Excellent airtightness
♦ Good temperature characteristics
♦ Clean gases
♦ Can be used as constant flow controller.
♦ Gas flow can be controlled even at an extremely low flow rate.
♦ Customized specification allows mixture of four or more streams of gases.
(Also available are various other custom specifications according to your needs.)

Standard Specifications:

Mixing Method                                  Flow Rate Ratio Mixing Method

Flow Rate Range                              10ml/min-20l/min

Applicable Gases                              Air,N2,O2,He,Ar,CO2 and other kinds of gas

Accuracy                                           Within +-2% FS for each element

Material of Gas Contact Part             1. BRASS,NBR,Duracon

                                                           2. SUS316,FPM,PCTFE

Operating Temperature Range        5°C-40°C

Operating Pressure Range               49-588(kPa)

Pressure Resistance                         784(kPa)

Piping Connection                            Standard PT1/4 Female Screw

Dimension                                        GM-2B 290W × 440H × 350D(mm)

                                                          GM-3B 360W × 440H × 350D(mm)

                                                          GM-4B 430W × 440H × 350D(mm)

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