Gas Mixer Manager Software

  • Free Software for the MCI Gas Blender

  • Control All Parameters with a Click

  • Manage all Devices on Bus

With the Free Gas Mixer Software, you can easily define all the function parameters of the Gas Blender. With the user friendly gas mixer interface you are able to manage all the cylinder's gas mixing parameters and test procedures and recall them when needed. You can also get the free Gas Mixer Software Development Tools (SDK) that allow you to create your own gas mixing applications.

With MCQ Gas Mixer manager you can:

  • Scan the bus in order to verify the peripherals

  • Read instrument internal temperature

  • Control the SetPoint value of the mixture

  • Display the gas type for each channel

  • Change gas percentage for each channel

  • Display calculated and measured flow

  • Enable or Disable channel

  • Display different parameters with specific gauges


With MCQ Gas Mixer Manager Set Up Interface you can:

  • Manage the input gas type for each channel

  • Set Balance Gas

  • Set your supplied custom gas mixture

  • Enable or Disable channels

  • Save or Load your test configuration or cylinder parameters


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