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Flow Board 200

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The Flow Board 200 allows measurement and control of non aggressive gases in a standalone configuration without external power and readout unit.

The Flow Board 200 is different from a common Mass Flow Controller because it allows users to measure and control different parameters. Thanks to the separate dedicated digital and analog interfaces the board, the flow board can store up to 10 different calibrations.

The temperature sensor on the Flow Board 200 gives users better control of the flow and environments. The I2C Bus allows connection to different probes to measure Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure.

  • Needs No External Power & Control Unit

  • Temperature sensor on board

  • Stores up to 10 different kinds of calibration.

  • USB Interface

  • Ideal for OEM applications

  • Fully digital interface

  • Modular Architecture

  • I2C BUS for digital devices (Relative Humidity, Temperature, Differential Pressure sensors)

  • 2 PWM Channel

  • Cost Effective

  • Free Software

Sensor Module

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Product Information:

The Sensor Module allows customers to develop a mass flow controller that meets their own requirements. The board mounts an operational amplifier, an analog filter and a DSP microcontroller that measure and control data acquisition, digital filtering, linearization and thermal compensation. In a Mass Flow Controller arrangement the module can be connected to a proportional valve for flow regulation.

The DSP microcontroller can be programmed to accomplish the PID control to manage the valve in response to the information gathered by the flow sensor mounted on the board. Furthermore, the board can be easily integrated in custom devices -- for example, to control airflow at the inset of a chromatographic column or to calibrate and control a gas delivery system already existing.


  • OEM

  • Custom Firmware update

  • Cost Effective

  • High modularity

Sensor Module Applications

Sensor Module Demo Board

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Product Information:

The sensor module demo board is a developing tool specifically made for the sensor module. This developing kit is a complete tool that gives the user high precision mass flow control. The sensor module reads the incoming gas flow and operates accordingly on the proportional valve opening in order to obtain the desired mass flow outcome.

The user interface is based on LCD display that lets users

  • monitor flow, pressure and the other system parameters

  • easily manage the set-point value

  • increase or decrease the desired flow

  • set valve in purge position

Three LEDs implemented on the board can be used to mark specific events, such as the set-point achievement.

A mini-USB connector for PC control is also implemented on the board. The Demo software included in the developing kit provides all the tools required to control the demo board via PC, to become a digital Mass Flow Controller and a digital Mass Flow Reader.

The communication protocol is also provided to allow the development of custom functions.

  • The adaptive PID implemented on the sensor module provides a fast and stable set-point response time, suited for regulating micro-flows.

  • The sensor module demo board is equipped with an absolute pressure sensor that monitors pneumatic circuit pressure.

  • Analog inlets designed for integration of other sensors integration are also mounted on the board.

  • In case a specific application requires other valves, pumps or flow deviators, a spare PWM controlled connector is available.

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