gas blender 100 compact gas mixing

All you need for gas mixing in one compact instrument!

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The MCQ Gas Blender 100 Series is a dedicated solution for gas mixing and gas dilution problems specifically designed for laboratories. With the MCQ Gas Blender 100 you can dynamically mix or dilute 3 different non-aggressive gases with only one gas mixing instrument. Instead of multi-channel solution requiring a mass flow controller and external power supply and readout, the Gas Blender 100 provides a three-channel gas mixing solution in a compact box at a very convenient price (Lab in a Box).

Through BUS 485, different Gas Blenders can be connected together allowing user to control up to 64 different gas mixing devices.

  • Compact and transportable "Lab in a Box" gas mixer.

  • Free intuitive gas mixing software to make your own dynamic gas mixture and control all parameters with a single click.

  • Micro-Flow Control and Fast Response that is 4 times faster than standard mass flow controllers, controlling 1 sccm with a resolution of 0.01 sccm

  • Feedback test systems and automated systems save time by automating testing and measurement.

  • Cost Effective

  • BUS 485 allow you to connect up to 64 Gas Blenders to obtain different gas mixing and blending solutions.

Inside the Gas Blender

Control your device via USB interface

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